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Reviewed by CNET: Microsoft Office 365

Office 365, announced today, gives professionals and small businesses a subscription service that lets them work from anywhere using familiar-feeling Web-enabled applications. Combined with hosted versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync, Office 365 is designed to enable users to share, … Continue reading

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Telework Testimonials. It can work for you.

“A VOIP telephone system combined with a document imaging system has allowed us to create a virtual office in the telework environment. Operating costs have been reduced significantly. Productivity has remained high, if not increased. Employee satisfaction with the program … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop from your iPad? There’s an app for that, and they are rated here.

Remote Desktop has been an indispensible and free feature of Windows for many years.  However, Remote Desktop has remained a tool for techies.  Businesspeople turned to well known tools like GoToMyPC and LogMeIn to access their PC’s from a remote … Continue reading

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Dropbox Left Document Storage Accounts Open for Four Hours!

The failure by Dropbox to protect its clients’ documents is stunning by any measure. “Online storage service Dropbox accidentally turned off password authentication for its 25 million users for four hours on Monday — although “much less than 1 percent” … Continue reading

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Serve ‘Customer 2.0′ well or perish

Excellent article from about capturing the new, tech-savy customers.  “There’s a new kind of customer out there, and businesses had better be prepared to serve him or her. If not, the competition certainly will. Meet Customer 2.0 — a … Continue reading

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Many small businesses lack basic information security practices

Many US small businesses do not regularly review information security processes, conduct security audits, or train employees on information security practices, according to a survey sponsored by document destruction services company Shred-it. More than one-quarter of small businesses have never … Continue reading

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WARNING! Microsoft rings alarm bell on fake Windows support calls

Computerworld - Microsoft today warned that scammers have taken to the phone lines to dupe Windows users into putting malware on their machines or paying for worthless help. The scammers try to trick users into believing that their computer is infected … Continue reading

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CNN says “Cloud computing is good for business”

What is the “Cloud”?  Should you be using it in your business now?  Is it safe and secure?  CNN does a great job of explaining the Cloud in this video. The simple answer is that the Cloud replaces certain IT … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Straight Tech Blog!

As CEO of an expanding IT company, I’m excited about the growing influence of social media.  Since I’m a believer in doing what I do best and knowing where to find the right guy to do what I don’t, I … Continue reading

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What is Straight Tech?

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” ~ Albert Einstein

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