Dropbox Left Document Storage Accounts Open for Four Hours!

breachThe failure by Dropbox to protect its clients’ documents is stunning by any measure.

Online storage service Dropbox accidentally turned off password authentication for its 25 million users for four hours on Monday — although “much less than 1 percent” of those accounts were accessed during the period, the company said. It is still investigating whether any of those accounts were improperly accessed.”

This failure highlights the old adage, buyer beware. In the case of Dropbox, this is a wonderful Web 2.0 free service, but with a free service, you have to realize that you have little recourse if anything happens to your data.  This is why we highly recommend a solid, professional system or service to share documents, and yes, you will have to pay for it.

Read more http://www.cio.com/article/684821/Dropbox_Left_Document_Storage_Accounts_Open_for_Four_Hours?source=rss_news


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